Bird flying by Mount Blanc, France

Contact me by emailing and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Please write to this email to inquire about getting your personal property or pets photographed.  Some FAQ's below may help answer your questions as well. Thanks so much.


Has Kelly taken every image on this site herself?

YES. ​

Who prints the images that are purchased?

Kelly uses a third party printing company called Bay Photo for all photo prints. They are located in the US and have a high rating for both print quality and customer service.  If you order any merchandise, a third party company called EZ prints will make your product and ship your order from a location nearest you.  If you order both image prints & merchandise, both printing companies will be used (again: BayPhoto for prints, EZPrints for merchandise).

​ How can I check the status of my order?

After you make a purchase, you will receive an email  confirming your purchase details with your order number. This confirms the lab received your order and are working on it. You will then receive another email from the printing company containing a tracking number when they ship your order. ​ For all further questions such as changing order, changing address after purchase, returns, etc. please refer to:

Bay Photo's support page that can be found by clicking here 


EZ print's support page that can be found by clicking here

Can I order a photo in any size without it being cut off?

The image's dimensions all vary based upon how they were individually shot and/or edited. When you choose a certain size image you want to order, the shop will automatically crop the image to your desired size to show you how it will look/if any will be cut off. 

How do I schedule a session to photograph my property or pets?

Please send an email to to inquire about a property or pet photo shoot. Availability is based upon Kelly's current location as she lives a nomadic lifestyle and her location changes often.

I don't need any images right now. How else can I help support Kelly?

Thanks for asking! You can help an aspiring artist advance her photography by donating directly on PayPal. This helps keeps her out exploring in the wild to take more awesome photographs for you. How? It helps with things as small as filling up the gas tank to get out there! SHE APPRECIATES YOU and your support! (If you message her on Instagram afterward, she will send you a little thank you in return!) ​Click button below to donate

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